Join us for our first ever POP-UP Shop, Saturday, October 26, 2019,
at Clive Bar (609 Davis St., Austin, TX)

There will be drinks, photobooth fun, and lots and lots of greeting cards! Don't forget to dress up in your best costume. We can't wait to see you there!
-Lana from Greetings from Lannyland



Greetings from Lannyland was manifested and built in Austin, Texas. After the passing of my father in 2014 I moved to Los Angeles, California on a quest for myself. I am creative by nature so picking up tools and talents like digital design, photography, singing, modeling, etc., etc. was an easy distraction. I took hold of a bunch of new trades, and resurfaced old ones.

I came to a point in my grief journey that I felt it was time for me to go back home. My dad always told me “follow your heart, it will lead you home,” and that is exactly what it did. Since being back at home I had been searching for ways to remain creative and self-employed.

One thing I noticed when I returned home was a big lack of my culture and the culture that I love represented around my city. Something I have always loved to receive and keep are cards; birthday cards, graduation cards, thank you cards, cards for comfort and everything in between. I am a huge hip-hop and pop culture fan.

Greetings from Lannyland is inspired by my favorite artist, creators, and influencers. I hope to freeze moments in time and in our culture for you to look back on and feel good about. ‘The good ole days’ that last forever by preserving the culture one card at a time.



Austin, TX, 78748




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